15 Pet Beds That Won’t Ruin Your Home Aesthetic

You want your fur baby to be cozy, comfortable, and happy, but why are so many pet beds just, well.. ugly? Well I’ve spent more time than I’d like to admit looking for ones that will look nice in your home and not be an eye sore – and most importantly, keep your fur baby comfortable!A pug wrapped in a blanket on a bed

Best Looking Pet Beds

Option 1: A smaller version of your actual couch.



Option 2: A decorative frame to hold the bed.

Option 3: An adorable tiny, tent.

Option 4: An actual (miniature) bed

Option 5: This super cute wicker doggie bed.

Option 6: A bed that’s as cozy looking as it is cute.

Best Looking Cat Trees

Option 1: I have no idea what to call this, but I love it.


Option 2: A tree fit for a queen.


Option 3: For the ‘outdoorsy type’.

Option 4: For a mid-century modern fan & cat lover.


Option 5: A scratching tower that let’s you choose what it looks like.

Best (Actually) Safe and Healthy Dog Food

There’s more detail on why these are safe and healthy choice for your pooch on the What to look for in your pet’s food. post, but if you’d like to skip the lecture and just know that the food your buying meets the best criteria here are some options:

Best Healthy Canned/Wet Dog Food

Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo BLUE Homestyle Senior Chicken Wet Dog Food 12.5-oz (Pack of 12)

Fromm Gold Chicken Pâté


Best Healthy Dry Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen Brand Base Mix





Blue Buffalo


ACANA Heritage Free Run Poultry Dry Dog Food


Fromm FourStar Dog Food Chicken A La Veg



The Honest Kitchen – Proper Topper


Merrick Grain Free Dry Dog Food


Taste of the Wild Grain Free High Protein Natural Dry Dog Food

Best Healthy Dog Treats

The Honest Kitchen – Joyful Jerky 


Blue Buffalo