Pet Friendly Home Decor

Decorating your home when you have pets can be difficult; things get covered in hair, things get scratched, broken, etc. – my cat has scaled my curtains, yes, really.

Problem 1: My bed comforter get covered in fur!

With this, I feel there are 2 options. First, you can choose a comforter in a material that does not hold on to hair easily. No comforter is “pet hair proof,” but there are certain materials that make it much easier to brush off. I like this one, because it isn’t just a flat blanket like most pet friendly comforters, the extra bit of detail stitching really makes it look nice while still being a great option for pet lovers. It also comes in a good variety of colors. The other option, if you’re like me and have your heart set on that beautiful, white comforter, is to get a large (durable) throw blanket for the end of your bed. You can pull up the blanket when your pet might be around and leave it folded along the end and it will look like an intentional part of the decor!




Problem 2: The dog/cats’ toys are everywhere! 

The answer: a cute storage bin. This problem is my favorite problem to have, because there are so many cute options! Here are some of my favorites:


Problem 3: My cat knocks over my decor

This one is a bit obvious, but it admittedly took me too long before I gave in and accepted that I just could not have small, light, or glass objects around – unless I wanted them stolen by my cat. It also makes it easier to accept when you start finding heavier, more substantial pieces that fit your look. Some of my favorites are larger 3 wick candles, decorative table signs, lanterns, and books with heavy book ends. One of my favorite cheap and pet friendly decor ideas I’ve received was the book idea – using books from a Dollar Tree store. The Dollar Tree sells tons of hardcover books that look really nice when you take the paper cover off.


Problem 4: My dog/cat keeps getting into my plant! 

I had this problem for quite some time. I had a large floor plant that my cat refused to leave alone. Every time I turned around, she’d dig the dirt out onto the floor. Until I had a (self-proclaimed) genius idea: I covered the base of the plant, where the dirt was, with medium sized rocks! Poof! Kitty induced dirt messes were gone! And I could still easily water them! The other option to this problem if you’re not attached to the plant, is to just get a fake one, which is what I did moving forward when I wanted a new one. There are lots of options that look pretty realistic!

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